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Simple Sophistication -  High productivity digital dictation management software.

Designed as an enterprise-wide dictation management system for today's fast-paced document-intensive companies, Philips' future-proof digital dictation management software, SpeechExec Enterprise, delivers simplicity and productivity throughout your organization. Speech Exec Enterprise offers an intuitive Windows-based graphical interface that assures rapid user acceptance by authors and transcriptionists. Flexible dictation input options and commonsense architecture simplify implementation and administration.

  • Enterprise Dictate for Authors: This powerful PC dictation module handles voice from digital portables (Digtal Pocket Memo) as well as from Desktop dictation devices(SpeechMike). Recording function, priority indexing, and a variety of work routing and work type classifications can be customized to the author's needs. Attaching documents to dictations helps keep data organized.
  • Enterprise Transcribe for Transcriptionist: Flexible PC-based transcription features high-efficiency access and management of digital voice files. Visual workflow management, including sort/filter options and job information during transcription( such as author, length, priority, etc.), assure more productive transcription and faster document turnaround.
  • Enterprise Administrator: Central administration module for the system. Define user settings, job information settings and licenses, as well as support of Microsoft Active Directory Service.



The SpeechExec Statistics module provides a powerful analysis tool for organizations. Multiple queries, export options and graphical output make this module user-friendly and easy to handle. It's ideal to monitor the system, find out workload peaks or delays. It is also possible to watch the job history. Additional queries make the statistic module tool more flexible to run tailor made statistics.

Workflow Manager

SpeechExec Workflow Manager is the next step in supporting professional dictation workflow. The Workflow Manager makes the SpeechExec Enterprise system more flexible and helps increase safety and security of the whole system. A built in cache file maintenance task helps to speed up the system and reduce network load.

SpeechExec Workflow Manager allows you to manage the routing process of dictations automatically, based on predefined schedule and criteria. It processes and routes dictations independently from the recorder.



Web Director

SpeechExec Web Director provides users the ability to access the Enterprise system without the need of SpeechExec Software.

  • Secure connection
  • Dictation Checkout / upload
  • Document upload
  • Statistics Module access
  • License Administration access


Efficiency on the move

SpeechExec for BlackBerry® presents a new dimension to wireless working. Recording, editing and downloading dictation files from your BlackBerry® offers mobile flexibility and reduces document turnaround time. When recording is finished and you are ready to download files, they will be transmitted to your company's dictation server via email, FTP/S or HTTP/S. After transcription, the transcribed document can then be sent back to the BlackBerry® by email. SpeechExec is the perfect companion for your BlackBerry®, delivering everything you need for secure, wireless dictation workflow.