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VoicePower is the digital document management system of choice for health-care and transcription companies in America. The VoicePower application and speech recognition engine run on the Windows® 2000 platform and bring a cost-effective, efficient, open architecture easily within reach. VoicePower's robust software enables users to dictate and receive digital voice data with complete ease from any location, station, PC, telephone or wireless dictation device.

But VoicePower is more than just a state-of-the-art digital dictation system. The comprehensive VoicePower system is equipped with a host of peripheral options including VoiceWave Dictate, VoiceWave Transcribe, PhysAssistVP, and other related accessories that enable users to transmit, access, and manipulate digital voice data to suit their needs.

VoicePower’s open platform design and Windows 2000 based user interface make it the easiest, most cost-efficient, and effective way to manage critical dictation data, which is why it is the system of choice for transcription service companies and hospitals such as The Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Boston Children’s Hospital, BJC Health System, and the Cleveland Clinic. For businesses big and small, VoicePower provides the complete digital document management solution.



VoicePower Lite

Until recently only the larger hospital and transcription service companies had access to VoicePower, the industry’s leading digital dictation and voice information systems. Now, VoicePower Lite provides the same software functionality as VoicePower, but is limited to configurations from two to eight ports. DVI VoicePower is the leader in Windows based dictation systems. VoicePower Lite, a turnkey system for clinics, small to medium sized hospitals and small transcription service companies looking into affordable low-risk solutions from a proven company. This means that small transcription users can now afford the same powerful technology as 6 of the top 8 “American Best Hospitals” (U.S. News & World Report).



VoiceWave Transcibe

PC-Based Transcribe Station

VoiceWave Transcribe replaces a traditional “Port” and “Transcribe Station” with state-of-the-art software and a Network/Internet connection to a VoicePower System. Transcriptionists can reside anywhere in the world without sacrificing any loss in automated server tracking, job routing, or audit trail. Using VoiceWave Transcribes state-of-the-art integration to a VoicePower server, managers need not worry about sacrificing security, turnaround time, or overall management control. Together, VoiceWave Transcribe and VoicePower assure that reports are done on-time. Using preset user criteria, overdue reports are automatically pulled from one transcriptionist, prioritized, and rerouted to another transcriptionist (possibly somewhere else in the world).


VoiceWave Dictate

Providing a greater level of flexibility for dictation. VoiceWave Dictate enables the user to dictate directly into a PC via a Philips speech microphone. The dictated information is digitally stored and quickly accessible for easy editing. Embraced by healthcare, legal, and public safety industries, VoiceWave Dictate is fully compatible with standard healthcare systems. Furthermore, the application provides a wide range of management tracking and audit information. For ease-of-use and complete VoicePower integration, VoiceWave Dictate is the network dictation solution.