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Fusion Voice

The new Fusion Voice System raises the bar in the dictation industry for centralized dictation management for any organization, small to large. Scalable, reliable, and feature rich, this system incorporates today’s technology to efficiently handle today’s challenging dictation and transcription problems.

Features include dictation by telephone, PC workstation, digital portable hand-held recorders, PDA to meet the needs of healthcare, legal and any dictation setting. The management software, Fusion Focus, empowers managers and administrators with the tools they need to manage transcription staff or outside contractors with skills-based routing, statistical reporting, definable security and more.

Fusion Speech

Integrated Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is the most significant technology development in dictation and transcription industry. Without physician training, or changes in practice patterns, Fusion Speech harnesses this powerful technology for facility-wide deployment in nearly every medical specialty. Capture dictation with Fusion Voice, process the dictation through Fusion Speech and boost transcription productivity in Fusion Text. The Fusion modules combined drives cost savings in reoccurring labor and outsourcing fees. This is the speech recognition solution you have envisioned.

Fusion Text

Highly productive, customizable and completely integrated; these are crucial componets essential for every healthcare document management system. Powered by STAT Report, Dolbey's Fusion Text transcription software is recognized as the industry leader for features and customer satisfaction. Extend in -house functionality to remote workers with ease while maintaining control. Manage reports from dictation to signature, distribution to final document archival in this highly customizable and feature rich system.


Fusion Expert

Front-End Speech Recognition

Dolbey’s Fusion Suite completes the circle of transcription and dictation products with Fusion Expert™ front-end speech recognition. Fusion Expert™ utilizes the industry leading Philips SpeechMagic™ speech recognition engine. Employ the power of this highly anticipated technology to maintain the cost and efficiency of your department.


Fusion Player

PC Transcribing Application
Fusion Player turns a multimedia PC into a “digital transcribe station” with the addition of a headset, foot pedal, and specialized Fusion software.

Encrypted, Delivered, Managed

Fusion Player utilizes 128 bit, private key Encryption when delivering files to and from your transcriptionist. Sensitive patient and/or legal information is safeguarded automatically and without any transcriptionist interaction. Tracking is also a critical component of your application – so all events within the software are automatically managed and audited.

Flexible Work Modalities

Fusion Player is economical for basic use but powerful for the demanding user. It can be used interactively with the addition of a Server license, or as a standalone player where work is fed to the transcriptionist by a system supervisor. Either way, Fusion Player eliminates port and station costs and replaces phone charges with a Web or network connection.

Easy to Use

There are no proprietary hardware components used with Fusion Player; it comes with a standard PC headset and USB or Serial Foot Pedal. Once configured, a transcriptionist simply logs in and receives work – or can request specific work – all based on privileges controlled by the system supervisor.


Fusion Dictate

PC Workstation Dictation Application
With the Fusion Dictate option for Fusion Voice you create dictation capabilities on any compatible network or Internet connected PC workstation. Use off-the-shelf microphones and headsets or one of our specifically designed microphones or foot pedals to meet the needs of Radiologists, Pathologist, or any dictator.

Fast to Learn and Easy to Use
Fusion Dictate provides an on-screen functionality similar to stand alone dictate stations. Motion controls, a simulated LCD display and other features make this an easy to learn dictation solution.

Special PC Microphones or Foot Pedals

Pair Fusion Dictate with one of the many offered SpeechMikesTM for even greater functionality. These microphones utilized available serial or USB ports on the PC workstation and can provide integrated barcode scanners, track balls or even convenient slide switch motion controls. For hands-free dictation applications Fusion Dictate can be paired with our specially designed dictation foot pedal.

Quick, Reliable and Secure

Unlike telephone based dictation solutions, Fusion Dictate responds to barcode reads and button selections instantly and without costly delays. By utilizing the PC workstation, dictators can dictate through any network or central dictation system downtime. All dictations are stored locally for back-up and instantly transmitted to the central server using 128-bit, private key encryption to safeguard sensitive patient information.

Fusion Download

Fusion Download is primarily designed to move audio files and transcription
documents from one location to another in a secure fashion.