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LFH5284 Pro Bar Code Scanner Plus
LFH5284 Pro Bar Code Scanner Plus
LFH5284 Pro Bar Code Scanner Plus
Item#: lfh5284

The powerful SpeechMike Barcode with integrated Barcode Scanner allows you to attach patient or client information to your dictations and securely allocate the data to the relevant file. The SpeechMike Barcode retrieves information from Barcodes from a distance of up to 30cm/12. The barcode scanner has an adjustable scan angle of 25, allowing two different position settings. The device integrates seamlessly with your IT system, truly raising the standard in terms of workflow efficiency. As well as a barcode scanner, the device also boasts advanced recording, editing, playback and navigation functions for greater dictation efficiency, documentation accuracy and data security. The dictation workflow has never been quicker or easier.

Key Features:

-PC-connected handheld device for PC dictation with an integrated barcode scanner

-Documentation accuracy is increased when barcode information is scanned directly into the file

-Ergonomic design is suitable for both right- and left-handed users

-Push Button Function

-Dust-proof optical trackball for dictation control and PC navigation

-Four programmable function keys

-Two programmable trigger-style touch buttons on the rear of the unit

-New adjustable volume control during playback via the scroll wheel

Contents: SpeechMike Barcode, Hanging bracket, Driver and utility software CD