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LFH5262 Classic
LFH5262 Classic
LFH5262 Classic
Item#: lfh5262-cla5262

The SpeechMike Classic gives you total control over dictation and PC navigation in one lightweight unit. Record dictations directly onto your computer using the familiar 4-Position Switch - ideal for single-handed use. The scroll wheel and an optical trackball allow you to precisely navigate through your documents. The device is ergonomically designed, offering greater comfort for users with smaller hands as well as for left-handed users, especially during longer dictation sessions. Manage dictations, presentations, e-mail or your Internet browser. With the SpeechMike Classic, you have total control at your fingertips.

Key Features:

-4-Postion Switch for single-handed use

-Dust proof optical trackball

-Programmable buttons

-LEDs indicate recording, inserting and overwriting modes

-Ergonomic design

-Suitable for speech recognition

Contents: SpeechMike, Hanging bracket, Driver and utility software CD