Dictaphone Walkabout m5215

The Dictaphone Walkabout 5215 offers an easy-to-use slide switch and menu driven soft keys which make recording and managing dictation simple. The Walkabout 5215 automatically identifies each voice file, adding your Author ID and other information for easy tracking and organization.

The Walkabout 5215 uses standard rewritable memory cards (MuliMediaCard-MMC). Combined with DSS (Digital Speech Standard) high compression recording technology, the Dictaphone Walkabout 5215 delivers large recording capacity to meet any application. (Available 32, and 64 MB removable memory cards). Simply connect the Walkabout 5215 portable to your PC or Laptop, using the supplied USB cable, and launch the Walkabout Transfer software. The Author has the ability to upload recordings... manage and organize voice files... forward compact DSS voice files as e-mail attachments or transfer via network folders.


Walkabout Write Digital Transcription

Easy to use desktop digital transcription system used in conjunction with Walkabout 5210 Digital Portable and Walkabout 5215 Digital Portable
User friendly, interactive graphical user interface to manage files, sort files, and change settings with a click of a mouse