Philips Analog

Philips Pocket Memo 696

Highly sophisticated functionality has made the Pocket Memo 696 the flagship of Philips' analog dictation devices. Its workflow management system guarantees efficient management of your workload, comments can be identified with the index tone and editing priorities can be set.



Philips Pocket Memo 588

Easy prioritization is the strength of the Pocket Memo 588. The index tone allows you to mark individual documents, set their priority and identify them easily during editing and transcription


Philips Pocket Memo 488

With the Pocket Memo 488, you can switch the microphone sensitivity from dictation to conference recording. The end-of-letter index tone identifies saved recordings for efficient transcription.


Philips Pocket Memo 388

The integrated charging device of the Pocket Memo 388 recharges the batteries while you work. The 4-position switch makes one-handed operation a snap - the Pocket Memo 388 is simply a "classic".


Philips Desktop 730

The visual workflow display makes the Dictation and Transcription System 730 particularly popular among systematic dictation users. It delivers all relevant dictation information at a glance, allowing you to efficiently organize your recordings and conveniently structure your workload.

Boasting sophisticated functionality such as a search feature and tape counter, the Desktop 730 brightens your day.


Philips Desktop 725

The cassette-based Dictation Desktop 725 ensures user-friendly dictation of the highest professional quality. An LCD lists all of the information needed to manage the dictation workflow and a sophisticated search function allows data to be accessed quickly.

Just add a headphone and a foot pedal and your Desktop 725 becomes an advanced transcription machine.


Philips Desktop 720

A specialist analog transcription machine that allows you to cope with substantial workloads. The system is entirely geared towards simplicity; a large-digit LCD shows tape information at a glance, while user-friendly controls allow individual documents to be accessed at the touch of a button.


Philips Desktop 710

The Desktop 710 analog transcription system boasts all of the features that you could possibly need for ensuring that transcription is quick and efficient from the word go. The system's modern design and user-friendly functionality make typing easy, while the acoustic search forward function allows you to find dictated documents quickly.