Olympus Analog

Olympus Pearlcorder S831

Business users can enjoy an easy to use recorder that fits snugly in a suit/pants pocket, briefcase, or bag. Featuring a convenient slide-switch for quick and simple operation; index marking to recall important audio passages; and voice activation.



Olympus Pearlcorder S830

Effortless slide-switch lets you operate the S830 with ease so you can record, play, rewind, and stop in no time. With a built-in microphone for great sound. Dual tape speed. Automatic shut-off, and more.


Olympus Pearlcorder S725

Feature-rich microcassette recorder with convenient Auto Reverse, Voice Activation, fast play mode for playback that’s 25% faster, an external jack for a microphone and an external Remote Control jack so you can operate the S725 from a distance.


Olympus Pearlcorder S713

This microcassette recorder comes with voice activation so you can utilize it “hands-free” if desired. It also features fast play mode for playback that’s 25% faster, and external jacks for headphones, earphones, and AC power.


Olympus Pearlcorder T2020

Enjoy the versatility of the T2020’s twin deck, allowing you to transcribe from both mini- & microcassettes. It also features fast play mode for 40% faster playback & has an adjustable auto backspace to facilitate trouble-free transcription.



Olympus Pearlcorder T1100

If you need to simplify & speed up heavy transcription workloads, the high-performance Pearlcorder T1100 desktop transcriber will do the job. The LCD display keeps track of tape data & operation information. And the convenient E-mark indexing allows transcribers to quickly identify the number of documents on a tape & the end of each job. The T1100 is ideal for use with the Olympus Pearlcorder S831 Microcassette recorder.


Olympus Pearlcorder DT1000

A complete transcription solution with a high-sensitivity microphone, hand controller, foot control, & E-99 headset to guarantee clear sound reproduction & easy operation in every circumstance from conferences to telephone recording.


Olympus Pearlcorder T1000

Simplify your work with a compact transcriber that's inexpensive, easy to use & fully capable. Featuring adjustable tape speeds & an adjustable auto backspace for trouble-free transcription of basic in-office dictation.